By Martijn Steenbergen

Review of TV shows of the summer

So I’m going to try something new. Writing reviews of the TV-shows I have seen the past few months and my thoughts on them. This is great for me as a reminder and for you to tell me that I am terrible at writing. The summer vacation is always a special time for TV-shows, because between the beginning of the vacation till the end is just enough time for one season of a TV show. Also many TV shows end just before the start of the vacation, so just as you start to have time for them they disappear :(


“The warrant is all” (1st season)A new show about 22'st century bounty hunters, who need to arrest, capture or carry dangerous cargo, which can be people to where they were requested under the motto of “The warrant is all”.

This summer I was greeted by not 1, but 2 new sci-fi shows that take place in space. Killjoys and Dark Matter (see below) were both green-lighted for a first season by Space and what can you expect from a channel called Space? (although that doesn’t have to mean anything).

While the trailer shows the main characters shooting their way and talking about killing everyone, the actual show couldn’t be farther from the truth and makes the show so much better. Diplomacy and the stories of the people they need to deliver, arrest or carry cargo for are given the stage, instead of the story leading to the action and shooting, but I’ve got to admit, the laser guns are pretty cool.

Talking about the guns, the effects of this show are amazing, sometimes using a lot of money just for one shot, which give these amazing images.Combined with the realistic shots of Lucy, the spaceship of the main characters, the vfx are one of the best I’ve seen in a TV-show.

The characters themselves are also well written, with two of the main characters having a great mystery surrounding them, which woven into each episode makes every episode a thrill to watch.

Dark Matter

“Who am I?” (1st season)Imagine waking up on a space ship with 5 others, who also have no memory who they are. What if you then learn that you were part of one of the most dangerous mercenaries known to man? This is the plot of Dark Matter.

The second show that aired on Space was Dark Matter. This is Killjoys little brother. It definitely did not have the same budget as Killjoys, but that does not mean it is less in any way.

The writing is really good. Every episode peels a bit of the secrets of the crew and because there are 6 stories to tell, there is enough to do so.


“A girly refreshing zombie series” (1st season)After all the “zombies want to eat your brains” series on tv, this one turns the tables and asks, what if you become one?

Some series need your full attention, because they tease your brain. Some are great, because they just want you to sit back and relax, while they entertain you. This is definitely one of the latter ones.

The series is set in New York where Olivia Moore gets bitten by a zombie. She then starts working in the NY morgue to get access to brains. However the side effects are that she gets flashes of memory from the people she eats brains from. This enables her to help the police catch the ones who murder the people she now eats.


“A boring TV show asking the right questions” (1 st season)Humans is a weird one on the list. It is the most boring one of them all. Nothing special is really happening. The only and crucial difference is that a new invention had been made. Robots called synthetics that look just like us, but don’t have feelings.

Humans follows a normal family, which at one point decides: “hey, let’s buy a synth(etic)”. You see how they treat the robot. However the synthetic that they bought seems a bit off. She is too human….

Humans has its flaws. The writing is not that good and the characters sometimes don’t behave weirdly because of the plot. However for all its weirdness it’s still work watching.

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